Lucy by Andy Hancock

Sea Turtle Location: Sea Ranch Restaurant

Lucy, the sea turtle at Sea Ranch, was created in locally-sourced mesquite and mounted with heavy-duty fittings.


  • Participate in cleanups in your community. Remember, all rivers lead to the ocean.

  • Avoid releasing balloons, sea turtles can mistake them for food.

  • Use “reef-safe” sunscreen to reduce damage to coral reefs, a critical habitat for sea turtles.

  • Reduce, reuse, recycle!

Sea turtle information provided by Sea Turtle, Inc.

Meet the Artist

Andy Hancock is an an award-winning artist that has worked all over the world on "larger than life" art. His iconic pieces can be seen all over the Island and you will find him on the beach most days teaching people the art and science of building sandcastles.

Andy's wood sculptures use recycled native Texas hardwoods such as mesquite, ebony and oak to create unique pieces by commission and he has a gallery space at Longboard Bar and Grill.
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