luna by Ariel King

Sea Turtle Location: South Padre Island Convention Center

Luna's art reveals the duality between day and night, land and sea. The piece represents the endless miles a sea turtle travels through waves of the ocean under the beautiful stars. Human impact, good and bad, on the freedom and well-being of this incredibly ancient turtle is increasingly evident.


Sea turtles play a vital role in preserving the health of the world’s oceans. They maintain marine habitats, assist with nutrient cycling, provide habitat for other marine organisms, and help sustain balanced food webs.

Extensive changes have occurred throughout ocean ecosystems due to declining sea turtle populations. Human-caused threats are pushing sea turtles towards extinction. As their numbers continue to decline, so does their ability to fulfill their vital roles in the ecosystem.

Sea turtle information provided by Sea Turtle, Inc.

Meet the Artist

Ariel King is resident of Mission, Texas and a part-time resident of South Padre Island. As a third generation artist, master naturalist, and fervent explorer, her art explores the symbiotic relationships of people and all creatures in nature. Ariel’s colorful, whimsical and highly-detailed art provides a cheerful perspective of our beautiful planet.

Inspiration for her art comes from trips to colorful beach and mountain towns of Mexico, Guatemala, Italy, and the U.S. These trips opened her eyes to folk art and the important relationships humans have always held to flora and fauna both symbolically and in everyday existence. Summer childhood visits to her grandparents home also provided opportunities to look at photos and art pieces brought back from their world travels and a reason to dream while flipping through the photos of their National Geographic magazines. After obtaining a degree in Radio-Television-Film at UT Austin, Ariel developed her perspective behind the framed lens of a camera.

Today, Ariel paints with acrylic, oil, & water color, creates mixed-media and jewelry. This is in conjunction with raising children, managing a wildlife conservation plan, owning and operating The Bryan House (a 1909 farmhouse built by William Jennings Bryan) and owning, operating an organic vegetable family farm in Mission, Texas.

Her vibrant paintings, fish mounts, mixed media and jewelry are everywhere her travels have taken her. With her wander-lust spirit and pure enthusiasm for creating new art, Ariel will no doubt continue to share her works with the world for years to come. |