isla by Beth & Chelsea Fedigan

Sea Turtle Location: Beach Park at Isla Blanca

The eleven-foot-tall sea turtle depicts the beauty of living on the island, complete with sea life, palm trees, and, of course, a set of islands.


Sea turtles face many threats in their environment. By learning about and addressing these threats, humans can help sea turtle populations recover and help restore their environment.

  • Marine Debris: Plastic bags, balloons, and other forms of trash can be mistaken for food and cause starvation, intestinal damage, or even death.

  • Entanglement: Improperly discarded or lost fishing gear is particularly dangerous and a common source of entanglement.

  • Boat Strikes: Boat and ship traffic can impact individuals by striking them while they surface to breathe, causing significant or lethal damage.

  • Climate Change: Warming temperatures affect sea turtle habitats, food sources, and sex ratios in incubating nests. Rising seas can alter coastlines and destroy nesting beaches.

  • By-catch: Incidental capture in fishing gear is a huge threat to many species throughout the world. Fisheries catch sea turtles and other species accidentally. When discovered, they are usually discarded as trash, already dead.

  • Poaching: Sea turtles are harvested to make products such as jewelry, guitar picks, boots, and other products.

Sea turtle information provided by Sea Turtle, Inc.

Meet the Artists

Painted by mother and daughter artists Beth and Chelsea Fedigan, the enormous turtle is near the entrance of Beach Park Water Park.

Beth Fedigan, primarily a watercolorist, and Chelsea Fedigan, well known for infusing her paintings with a comic flair, chronicled part of their journey in an online gallery on Instagram.

Living in the tropics is reflected in Beth’s paintings with her bold and vibrant use of color and tropical subject matter. She keeps busy with commissions and participates in a number of art shows every year. Her daughter Chelsea is best known for her colorful and lively dog portraits.

Chelsea continued her education at the University of Texas at Brownsville, where she graduated with a bachelor’s degree in Studio Art. She is one of the five artists at the Art Business Incubator on South Padre Island. Both artists live on South Padre Island.

Beth Fedigan:

Chelsea Fedigan: | @chelsea_fedigan_art